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Community Project Expansions

Matt Ferk


myWorld USA

Gian Marco Bronzato


myWorld Americas

Walter Seebacher

LEVEL 8 Presidential

Global CCO

Renate Seebacher

LEVEL 8 Presidential

Global CCO

The Shopologist

Shop And Grow Rich

myWorld Partner

Dr. Robert Needham

Collaborative Franchise Systems CCO
myWorld Partner

Louise Hung

The Shopping Ninja-Superleaders Marketing

myWorld Partner

Dr. Ragib Kobiljar

Energy Solutions, Houston, CCO

myWorld Partner

Tony DeMaio

NonProfits/Fundraising CCO, Helping Heroes

myWorld Partner

Ethel Cain, "The Empress"

The POP Movement,
myWorld Partner

LuAnn Mitchell

Podcast/Publications CCO, Warrior Karma

myWorld Partner

Jim Horton

HomeRunConsulting Denton,CCO

myWorld Partner

Dr. Joel Lambert

San Antonio CCO
myWorld Partner

Denise Kennedy

Rubber Recycling, CCO
DK Enterprises
myWorld Partner

Ami Pope

CCO Mckinney

myWorld Partner

Richard Heftel

Broadcasting/Barter All Vegas,CCO

myWorld Partner

Gerry Hartis

Web3 Business & Leadership CCO, myWorld Partner

Jean Salter

CCO Florida, Real Estate & Finance, myWorld Partner

Scotty Carter

Mobile First Digital Applications CCO

myWorld Partner

Dr. Gloria Sceberras

Innerscope Imaging Network
myWorld Partner

Steve Chelette

Collaboratives Global CCO

myWorld Partner

Rich Jarvis

Community Incubator, CCO
SiMPL Ideas
myWorld Partner

Alan Bishop

The Furniture Doctor, CCO

myWorld Partner

Dalton DeRossett

Entrepreneur Ventures CCO, myWorld Partner

Vernon McGee

Master Sergeant/ Kansas CCO

myWorld Partner

Jill Manderfeld

Special Incentives, Kentucky,CCO

myWorld Partner

Raul Serrano

Fuel Efficiency CCO, FutureGlobalVision

myWorld Partner

David Bowen

Finance CCO

myWorld Partner

Joel Cruz

Veterans Liason for the Center for Collaborative Sharing.

Tina Tompkins

Executive Director for the Center for Collaborative Sharing.


Community Project Expansions Leadership


Meeting Location is GZI

(Meeting Room is on South side of the Main Building)

7801 South Interstate 35 #East, Corinth, TX 76210

Take 1st right off Frontage Rd-Immediately turn rt into the parking lot-Go straight-pass by the front of main building to the Parking Area.
Once parked-make a left at the connecting breezeway into the Big Building on the left.
"WELLSPRING MEETING ROOM"-1st door on the right.


Friday June 28, 2024.   6pm - 10:00pm

Food & Beverages Provided

How to Shop and Grow Rich 

Community Leadership

Merchants, Marketers, New Businesses & Non-Profits

Saturday June 29, 2024 - 9am - 5pm

Breakfast & Lunch Provided

Shopper & Merchant Basics

Community Connection Overview

Get Paid to Shop

Meet the Merchants

Non-Profit Benefits

Shop Local Community Project Roll outs

Sunday June 30, 2024

Vip Strategy Meeting

Invitation Only


Event Location

Glory of Zion International - Use the navigate button below to proceed to your phones gps navigation.